Comprehensive Financial Planning

YOur Values -> Your Goals -> Written Action Items

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The Mid-career Professional 

  • You’re earning the most income you ever have and you know now is the time to put together a plan to make the most of it.

  • You want to be sure you’re doing the right things with your money.

  • You want to avoid making the same mistakes you’ve seen others make.

  • Some areas of importance for you, include:

    • Having a Written Financial Plan.

    • Investing for Growth.

    • Being Smart with Taxes.

    • Protecting from Emergencies.

    • Being Debt Free.

    • Traveling.

    • Giving.

    • Financial Freedom.

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The Family with a Plan  

  • You have a family and you want someone to help you put a plan in place to make sure you’re making smart money decisions.

  • You’re looking for help in getting clear on your priorities, where to start, and how to get there.

  • Your family income is probably the highest its every been, and you want to make sure it’s going to all the right places.

  • You most likely have goals for yourself, your future, and your kids around these areas:

    • College

    • Travel

    • Retirement

    • Taxes

    • Investing for Growth

    • Financial Independence

    • Being Debt Free

    • Protecting Against Emergencies

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The Family with a Business  

  • This is for someone looking to “put it all together” by hiring the right financial professional to bring clarity, simplicity and confidence to your entire financial picture, including your business profits.

  • You may value introductions and referrals to good CPAs, Estate Planning & Business Entity Legal Professionals to coordinate and improve your tax savings and increased profits.

  • You want to ensure you’re business profits and tax planning are being maximized to take care of the people you love and care most about.

  • You are probably already doing A LOT for your customers & clients, employees and your community and you’ve reached a level of success that you know you need someone to help you protect against your financial blind spots.

  • You want to make sure you’re being effective and wise with your time and finances for you & your family’s future & legacy. 

  • You want to maximize your impact and give generously to the areas you value.

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A Quick Start Financial Plan

  • You may want the option to schedule a one-time financial planning arrangement with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional to help you get clear and take action on your most pressing concerns & questions, now.

  • You may want someone to validate your current ideas or plans and add specific recommendations and input to your specific scenario.

  • You may value a guided discussion to help you get clear on your goals with an executive summary of action items to guide you going forward. 

  • Schedule a short introductory phone today!


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Investing with Purpose


No Minimum Investment Requirement

  • We will manage your investment for you in alignment with your financial plan, your values, and your goals which we will help you clarify all along the way.

  • Biblically Responsible Investments (BRI) for those that desire to incorporate their faith-values into their investments.

  • Long-term focused strategies with low-cost, tax-efficient investments.